Brixton Team Members

Brian Morrison

Employing Broker/ Owner

Brian is our visionary founder with a talent for buying undervalued homes, making them modern and beautiful, and selling them for a profit. Over the past eight years, Brian has personally completed over 40 home transformations and produced  an annual return on investment rate of 30 percent. He offers his knowledge and ability to produce effective value assessments of properties for buyers and sellers within in Brixton to help them making critical decisions within their real estate investments. Brian offers his accomplishments in the Denver market to his investors and to all Brixton Real Estate clients, as well as access to his extensive contractor network of proven and competent construction and remodeling companies.

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Jenn Morrison

Owner – Broker

Jenn is our customer service focused director with over 10 years of experience helping clients find solutions and find themselves in better situations. Her goal is to help all of her clients live a good life. Jenn does this by really listening to her clients needs, effectively building strategies for selling or buying their specific home, and executing with professionalism. Her BS in Business, 10 years of experience leading high performing teams, and continued entrepreneurial and leadership training have helped Jenn build a foundation of success for Brixton Real Estate and the brokers who are part of the Brixton team.

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Ryan Barrett

Associate Broker

Ryan has represented buyers and sellers in the Denver market place for over 8 years. He strives to give exemplary service and care to the people he works with. With more than 90% of his business generated through referrals from past clients, his service has to be his highest priority. His knowledge and passion for real estate help to make his client’s experience fun and rewarding.

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Adriana Fisher

Real Estate Assistant,
Transaction Coordinator

Adriana has the heart and professionalism of an amazing real estate assistant. She knows how to care for people with the upmost concern for positive outcomes and effective real estate transactions. Her support of our brokerage team and the overall efforts of Brixton, bring an extra layer of detailed support and experienced customer service to the team.  Adriana has over 15 years of childcare, education and tutoring that lends to a great asset with patience and attention to detail.

J. Christine Morrison

Office Manager

Christine may be behind the scenes but is no less an important part of the Brixton Team. She has a B.S. in International Business and a B.A. in Spanish and brings a unique skill set to the team. She juggles the accounting side of the company as well as their website development, marketing design and general technical support.

Dan Humphreys

Associate Broker

Dan strives to build lasting relationships based on trust.  He is committed, not to one-time transactions, but to the client’s long-term goals. With over five years of experience in the industry and a B.S. in Construction Management, Dan has a background that benefits buyers, sellers, and investors to aid them in achieving their real estate goals.

Conan Bliss

Associate Broker

Conan brings over a decade of building experience as a general contractor into his real estate practice.  He focuses on providing a comprehensive spectrum of real estate and construction services for investors looking to build high yield rental portfolios, as well as an outstanding return on short-term investments.  His straightforward approach simplifies the process for clients, whether seasoned investors or first time buyers.  As part of an experienced team at Brixton Real Estate, Conan is dedicated to working with every client to find the best in the Denver market.

Dave Miller

Associate Broker

Dave is unique in that he brings 40 years of business experience to the Team as a successful retired Executive from a $400 million revenue company. His current emphasis has been on partnering with Brian on transforming undervalued properties. Finally, Dave’s best asset is his quality and available time commitment to prospective buyers or sellers of property to help them achieve their real estate objectives.