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We can help you find the right home…here’s how:
Know your non-negotiable details before you start looking – what do you have to have within the property?  For example, you may need a certain number of bedrooms or bathrooms for the number of people living there.  If it is an investment property you may be concerned with a specific location and resale prospects.  Price is another non-negotiable to be clear on before you start looking – Please reference our calculators below to determine the best range for your investment.

Work closely with a qualified agent to determine the best neighborhood for you and your investment – A good agent will have a number of quick questions that help you quickly qualify the type of neighborhood that best fits your needs.  Questions should be centered on your activities, personal preferences, commute to work or school length, and amenities required.  Investors will want to ask questions about future plans for specific communities, rental values, resale comparable information, and property capital requirements.

Start preparing early and anticipate some critical searching time ahead to assure finding the right property for you – Different situations call for different horizons of time to prepare to buy.  The typical purchase time can range from 60-120 days before you acquire and own the property with about half that time used up searching before signing contracts.   Buying a home or investment property can be difficult at times, so you always want a professional agent who understands your concerns to make the process smooth and enjoyable.

So start early and contact Brixton Real Estate today so we can help you get the best direction and focus toward buying a great investment for your future.

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