Interest Rates Rising

Why is this a good sign? Interest rates rising 0.25% is not a sign of a looming doomsday, it is actually a great sign that our economy is healthy! Yes, it may mean a reduction in the amounts borrowed for [...]

Denver’s Housing Market

A Real Estate Investor's Assessment Brian Morrison As a real estate investor, my partners and I plan to bring 28 new homes to market this year in Denver and Golden. Our projects can take as long as [...]

Farmers Markets

We are Colorado Proud and who doesn't love the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables? Lucky for us the Denver metro area has a farmers market in just about every neighborhood with more being added each year! Below we compiled [...]

Newcomer Tips

Elevation When you come to Denver you will notice that we love everything 5280! We are 5,280 feet above sea level and if you haven't been at this elevation before you may not realize just how different it can [...]

Capitol Hill Tour

Things to Do in Denver: Capitol Hill Walking Tour of Historic Homes If you are local or just visiting, the Capitol Hill Walking Tour put on by Historic Denver is a great way to learn about the history of [...]

We Love Golden!

Top 5 things we love about Golden: We have a lot of clients searching and falling in love with Golden. The inventory is low and can be competitive, but we love to call it home and are here to [...]

Timing the Market

When is it the best time to buy or sell? This is a common question for us these days, and the answer is not easy. There are so many factors that go into the equation, that we find each client’s [...]

A Little Perspective

In Response to Recent Headlines We know you have a lot of options to help you buy or sell a home in the current market. Some companies out there are  offering discounted listings and buying services, and utilizing a broker [...]

Selling vs. Renting

Have you been trying to decide whether to rent or sell your home? It is a great problem to have, but one to be very careful evaluating. Many of our brokers have rentals and have built strong returns over [...]

Interest Rates

How are they impacting your real estate choices? You have probably heard all over the media lately that interest rates are rising. Please hold back the panic, it will likely be a slow rise, but make sure you are knowledgeable [...]

Good Time to Sell?

Here is some help if you are thinking about selling. All you hear these days about real estate is how competitive it is to buy a home and how low inventory is raising prices. The supply and demand tipping toward [...]

Multiple Offer Tips

We are seeing multiple offers on almost every strong property in the Denver real estate market. Definition: A multiple offer scenario occurs when multiple buyers submit an offer for the same home, therefore decreasing the buyer's power in the negotiation [...]