Sell Your Home

Brixton Will Take Care of You:
Our philosophy and mission is to help our customers live a good life.
  • We aim to see our clients calm and serene through the entire home selling process as we work to take care of everything for them so they do not have to.
  • There is a need to prepare the home, show it and engage in negotiation, but everything outside of preparation and final decision making is left to our team to handle.
  • We offer you advice through the home prepping stage with a staging consultation and professional photography that we take on as a cost so the house looks amazing in the marketing material and online.
  • If your house needs upgrades or repairs, we have a team of contractors that can do the work effectively and at a competitive cost.
  • Your home will be market everywhere! The day it is listed it will be presented on over 30 websites and will be directly marketed on Brixton’s website and through social media.
  • We directly market to brokers through prospect searches and conversations in our network.
  • Brochures will be stocked and placed with a customized sign from Brixton that stands out compared to any others you see in your neighborhood.
  • You will receive weekly updates from our team on the progress and feedback during the sale.
  • We approach our personal real estate purchases with an investor mentality, produce uncommonly high returns, and you benefit from that thinking as we put your home on the market.
  • Negotiating is KEY. We have to be amazing at this before, during and after we receive and offer. The negating never stops until we close!
  • We help prepare you for your home inspection with a checklist of items to make your house ready and experience negotiating to produce the best return for you.
  • Smooth closing with few headaches – our team and title company are five star and customer focused to make sure the final step is simple.
Tips to start preparing yourself and your house to sell:
  • Selling your home is not about what you like – De-personalize your home and your attachment to it, because your goal is to sell and sell well. Remove favorite items that are unpopular and do your best to take away any personal items that may stop potential buyers from envisioning living in “your” home.
  • Clean, clean, clean – We can’t tell you how many homes we see that have been sitting on the market because they are dirty, cluttered and unattractive. Simply cleaning a house and removing clutter in every room and closet can add dollars to the bottom line of selling the house.
  • Repair obvious areas that need help – These small fixes will sell your house quicker and will come up on an inspection anyway so better to take care of them ahead of time to get a stronger offer.
  • Make the home inviting from the outside curb to the backyard – Think of yourself as the buyer and be critical on every aspect of the house. Adding flowers to the front patio or nice interior lighting to dark rooms can help a buyer feel more comfortable and interested in buying the house. Look for those type of opportunities all over the house and you will sell it faster for higher dollar amounts.